Chad Strentz - Singer - Soulful, raw, charismatic & exciting - one of the best Blues singers in Europe ...


Chad has been at the top of the Blues scene for over two decades, billed as one of the best Blues singers in Europe.

He’s known to most as the singer with Paul Lamb & the King Snakes, but he’s also put the miles in with The Big Town Playboys, Shout Sister Shout, Cat Talk and Breakout Blues.

As part of the King Snakes, Chad has won numerous British Blues Awards including the UK’s Best Blues Band.

In addition to singing and playing guitar, Chad is also a highly regarded songwriter whose passion for music extends to Rock ’n’ Roll, Rockabilly, Soul (see his output with Shout Sister Shout), Country, Jazz and Funk.

Currently touring with the King Snakes, Chad is also taking his own band on the road, in support of his debut solo album, Shake-Down.

Photo by: Aleksandra Pruenner